Antipasto Salad with Olive Oil & White Wine Dressing

from 30-Minute Low-Carb Dinners

This antipasto brings all the things you love about a charcuterie board and incorporates it in a low-carb version of a hearty salad with the addition of crispy bacon. It’s healthy, fresh and so quick to put together. Make it after a long day at work or when you get back from the gym.

Serves 4 Salads


5 cups (275 g) chopped butter lettuce 

10 cooked bacon strips, chopped 

½ cup (66 g) cubed aged Cheddar 

½ cup (56 g) cubed mozzarella

 ½ cup (27 g) sugar-free sun-dried tomatoes, sliced

 ¼ cup (40 g) sliced black olives

 ¼ cup (10 g) chopped fresh basil 

Olive Oil and White Wine Dressing 

⅓ cup (80 ml) extra virgin olive oil 

2 tbsp (30 ml) white wine vinegar 

1 small shallot, minced 

½ tsp maple Dijon mustard 

Kosher salt and ground black pepper 


To make the salad, add the lettuce, bacon, Cheddar, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and basil to a large bowl. 

To make the dressing: In a food processor or a dressing shaker, combine the oil, vinegar, shallot, mustard and salt and pepper to taste. Pour the dressing over the salad and toss until coated. 

You’re ready to eat!

Nada’s Tips & Tricks: Anyone that knows me, knows that I’m a huge salad aficionado and this one does not disappoint.  Even the carnivores around the table gobbled it up when I served it with quiche for brunch.

Reprinted with permission from 30-Minute Low-Carb Dinners by Valerie Azinge. Page Street Publishing Co. 2020. Photo credit: Valerie Azinge, Yasaman Shafiei and Kabir Ali.