what I’ve learned from cookbooks

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what I’ve learned from recipes

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Devouring cookbooks and the stories behind them is a passion that has translated into many hours in the kitchen. 

The adage that a recipe is the jumping off point is true… tweaking the chef’s ideas with my own spin, can produce some interesting results.

On these pages, you’ll find cookbook reviews, chats with the chefs that have put many hours and ideas between the covers, recipes, and a giveaway of the cookbook or Canadian kitchen products. 

I am an adventurous and avid foodie who will bring you some of my culinary discoveries, test recipes and provide some tips and tricks from a home cook perspective.

This is me Nada, pronounced Nayda.  I’ve had a varied and interesting career path with the most creative being the opening and running of cooking schools for a major retailer.

Learning from the chefs, I began collecting recipes and cookbooks… and serving many experiments to my unsuspecting family. Growing up, food was always central to family gatherings – around my Eastern European grandmother’s table, Sunday dinners, and special occasions on the farm. I now introduce my grandchildren to the fun and adventure of culinary delights. Life has come full circle.

Thanks for coming along on this journey – let the fun begin!