Sprucewood Shortbread Cookies

I saw some shortbread cookies on a charcuterie board this past Christmas and my interest was piqued.  Who pairs a cookie with meat and cheese?  Upon further investigation, I found Sprucewood in my backyard and wanted to find out more about this company…so drove the 20 minutes to this beautiful and hidden cookie haven.

Meeting with Chef Mark Pollard was a treat.  Learning his rise in the shortbread cookie world is pretty spectacular…with a university degree and a chef’s diploma tucked away, he began working his way through the catering and corporate world.  He discovered a niche for specialty shortbread cookies earning the title of “Canada’s Beat Shortbread” by Canadian Living and “Official Cookie” at the Vancouver Olympic Games.  Now he is distributing these delectable discs through major grocery chains and online.  https://sprucewoodbakery.com/ That’s one impressive trajectory!  

So how did this little cookie become so well loved?  Chef Mark stepped outside the traditional Scottish biscuit and added a twist – a savoury cookie that can be paired with non-dessert dishes.  A cookie with soup?  Sure!  Now with seven sweet shortbread flavours, four savoury choices, three gluten free and three seasonal types, you’ll find many flavours to enjoy!  Check them out at https://sprucewoodbakery.com/pages/our-shortbread-cookies 

I took a tour of their production facility within the bakery and a handful of people produce the best tasting cookies while following the strictest of health regulations.  And produce they do…Chef Mark and his team attend a ton of food shows and you’ll find skids of cookies ready to move out the door.  They are so happy to be back out on the food/gift show circuit…find them at one near you: https://sprucewoodbakery.com/pages/shows 

If you’re tackling the pandemic pounds, you’ll be happy to know that these tasteful delights only have one gram of sugar and Sprucewood provides gluten-free options.  All the ingredients in their cookies are locally sourced and Chef Mark has made it his mantra to support local farmers, producers and partners. 

Walk into their showroom and you’ll find gift baskets full of local food, products from small regional producers, and a friendly staff that are willing to help you with your purchases.  Have a wedding/shower/birthday/corporate celebration coming up and want something different for your guest gifts?  Specially packaged favours will be made just for your occasion.  

While chatting with Chef Mark, I had the pleasure of meeting his marketing assistant Emily and she developed a dessert utilizing these cookies.  Check it out in our Recipe section.  As well, Chef Mark provided us with charcuterie board ideas and wine pairing – again, take a peek in our Recipe section for some great ideas!

Be sure to enter our Giveaway from Sprucewood.  They have four gift packages to offer some lucky winners…you’ll be very happy to eat your prize!

Content and images used with permission by Sprucewood Brands.  https://sprucewoodbakery.com/