Chocolate wrap with Strawberries, Hazelnuts, and Caramel

from Peace by Chocolate

Servings 6
Prep time: 15-20 minutes
Cook time: 15-25 minutes

● 6 plain round soft tortilla wrap or crepe
● 6 slice vanilla pound cake
● 24 pieces of Peace by Chocolate milk chocolate with hazelnut bar
● 18 sliced fresh strawberries
● 60 g Caramel sauce
● 36 g whipped cream


  1. Place the tortilla or crepes flat on a hard surface.
  2. Place a slice of vanilla pound cake in the middle of each tortilla or crepe.
  3. Break up the pieces of the Peace by Chocolate milk chocolate with hazelnuts bar.
  4. Place 4 chocolate pieces on top of each pound cake.
  5. Add the sliced strawberries (3 per wrap).
  6. Fold each tortilla into a square by folding the sides into the middle then the top and bottom into the middle.
  7. Place each 2-3 packets together in a hot buttered frying pan and grill until lightly brown on each side and the filling has melted.
  8. Place on a serving plate and cover each of the wrap ending with some whipped cream.
  9. Drizzle with caramel sauce equally on each wrap.
  10. Enjoy!

Used with permission by ©UNHCR/Darren Calabrese.