German Meals at Oma’s

Quick and easy: that’s my goal. Wunderbar food: that’s the result!

Many of us think of German food as schnitzel and sausages, but Oma Gerhild in her book “German Meals at Oma’s” proves us wrong! German cuisine is regional…yes, there are similarities but also a great variety. Germany is half the size of Alberta and Gerhild covers the sixteen states within that country showcasing the unique recipes specific to each region.

As a food writer and cookbook author, Gerhild Fulson draws on her German heritage to provide food that is both comforting and hearty. I found much of her food reminiscent of my own European culture: the dishes are similar with slight variations depending on the country. Dumplings, sausages and sauerkraut are the staples of many European countries…but Gerhild provides recipes for the uniquely German take on these foods.

Gerhild and her husband spent five weeks touring the regions of Germany and then made yearly treks to many of the areas. Out of that was born the desire to convert their culinary experiences into a cookbook. When translating food ingredients from other countries to what is available in Canada, making a dish authentic can be a challenge. Gerhild has tried and tested her recipes and has come as close as possible to provide a most delicious German experience.

We tried the Gestovte Bohnen (Creamed Green Beans) and Schusterpfanne (“Shoemaker’s Pan”) – see our Recipe section to try them yourself. I chose the Shoemaker’s recipe because it was my dad’s occupation for over 40 years in Toronto, Waterford and Simcoe. We lost our father a few years ago after a long journey with Alzheimer’s so this recipe is a homage to him. He had a ton of stories for anyone who would listen about his war experience and Germany was a big part of that. I think he would be tickled to hear about this connection through food.

One of the aspects that I add to the Recipes section on our website is Nada’s Tips & Tricks (or sometimes one of my creative testers) – every recipe is tested to provide the home cook alternatives especially for ingredients that may be a challenge to find in your local grocery store. Gerhild has her own take on this idea: Oma’s Ecke. She provides ideas, alternatives and explanations for her recipes so you can be successful in your own reproductions of the food.

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Photo reprinted with permission from German Meals at Oma’s by Gerhild Fulson, Page Street Publishing Co. 2018.