What do you get when you combine the experience of a teacher, engineer and triathlete? Why, Chiamigos, of course!  And if you’re looking to eat healthier but have a busy lifestyle, Chiamigos has the solution for both…a breakfast cereal or late-night snack, the Chia pudding mix will fill you up while knowing you’re consuming a healthy product.

The ingredients in these packages of goodness are organically sourced with the star of the show, the chia seed. A super food with the most dense nutrients on the planet. Chock full of calcium, potassium, magnesium, omega 3’s and fiber, one serving of Chiamigos will keep you going all day.  For all you Keto people, Chiamigos has you covered with their Keto cereal mix.

Chia seeds has made its way into the health food consciousness in the past few years…but it has had a long history in other parts of the world for centuries, like Mexico and Guatemala. We’ve sprinkled them into our smoothies, over cereal or into our salads.  Now Chiamigos makes it simple and delicious with a faster method of cooking.

And because time is a factor in many people’s lives, you just mix the powder with your choice of milk or water, and voila, breakfast is served.  Eat at your leisure or on the run…your day will start off right.

The pudding mixes are so much fun to use…simple on its own or topped with fresh fruit, it’s a quick and nutritious breakfast or snack that will leave you satisfied. We had fun making up different concoctions with the pudding…you’ll find one in our Recipe section – the Banana Split (with no ice cream in sight!).

How did this inspiration come about?  “Our first chia seed was planted in 2016, while living our professional lives between Singapore and Canada. Accessing ready-to-eat, minimally processed, organic food was nearly impossible. So inspired the cultivation of our plant-based power breakfast. We made them for ourselves at first, mixing simple ingredients like nuts and seeds with a smooth coconut base. This went on for a while: in the morning, after a workout, before bed. Needless to say, our relationship with Chia was strengthened. We began refining the formula and exploring possibilities that would allow us to bring this work-of-art into every aspect of our life. So, we boosted the protein and took out the water.”  And voila, you have the Chia pudding mix.

Take a look at the Chiamigos website and purchase a bundle of goodness at and while you’re waiting for your package to arrive, enter in our Giveaway section to win a box of six 150g sized chia pudding bags. You’ll be hooked!

Contents and images used with permission by Chiamigos.