Tunes and Wooden Spoons

The pandemic has changed our lives in many ways, but I love the story of Mary Janet’s response to the isolation we all experienced. Prompted by her family to video tape a lesson on how to make cinnamon rolls and posting it on Facebook, Tunes and Wooden Spoons (named by one of her grandchildren) soon went viral. With the tunes provided by one of her sons and the wooden spoon always in her hand, Mary has turned her love of baking into a media sensation.

The recipes in this book are the culmination of comfort food with nods to Mary Janet’s influences: family and friends contributed many of the dishes with Mary Janet putting her own spin on many of them. Like this pumpkin loaf inspired by her friend Ethel. Go to our Recipe section to feature this autumn spiced taste of goodness on your Halloween table.

At the end of the book, Mary Janet takes us on her journey with food. From her early upbringing on Cape Breton Island to her marriage and raising a house full of children, Mary Janet’s anchor was her kitchen. Along with cooking, Mary Janet strives to pass along the fading traditions and customs of Celtic history on to her children and grandchildren. Music plays a great role in keeping these traditions alive and thus the title of this cookbook has a personal meaning to Ms. MacDonald.

Mary Janet signs off each of her videos with her personal life’s mantra: Love one another. Her daughter Margie took that inspiration and started spreading the concept we should all embrace. Check out her story at and incorporate this idea into your own world…something that’s greatly needed in our homes and communities.

If you follow Mary Janet on her Facebook page, you’ll find her latest adventures to Italy where she was inspired to embrace another culture’s richest recipes and delightful people.

This book is one of those treasures you’ll keep in your kitchen for years to come. To purchase a copy, go to or if you’re feeling lucky, try to win a copy of the book in our Giveaway section.

Contents and images used with permission by McIntyre Purcell Publishing.