Truly Tantalizing Canadian Cuisine

I met author Deb Rankine while running cooking schools for Loblaws and Deb was a welcomed instructor. Thanks to our mutual friend and pastry chef extraordinaire Lois Alexander, I came across Deb’s cookbook. And I’m so glad I did – it’s packed full of truly Canadian dishes that you’ll make over and over again, because they’re so good!

Deb is renowned for exploring national and international culinary experiences to enhance the flavour profiles in her many cooking classes and cookbooks and showing up at food festivals and media appearances to inspire us. Representing national and local brands, food writing and recipe development all keep Deb busy in the kitchen. And she shares some of her successes in this second edition and quintessential Canadian cookbook.

Deb drew her inspiration for the book from Canada’s first ever cookbook published in 1831, “The Cook Not Mad” and The Laura Secord Canadian Cook Book (1966). Here’s my copy of this book… it was fun to revisit it again and see how much has changed in our kitchens… and how much is still the same.

There were so many delightful recipes to share with you, but I thought with the holiday season upon us, we’d all be scrambling to use up any turkey leftovers outside the quintessential turkey and cranberry/mayo sandwich. Go to our Recipe section and give Turkey à la King a try – very easy but so very comforting and delicious. I asked Deb what her favourite holiday dish to make and she mentioned Aunt Lil’s Down East Tourtière (page 44) because it’s delicious and evokes warm memories of her aunt who was a very good cook and most excellent baker. Pick up a copy of the cookbook and make Deb’s version of this French-Canadian culinary icon.

Feeling lucky? Check our Giveaway section to win this cookbook. Every Canadian needs this book on their kitchen shelf. If you’d like a copy before Christmas, head over to and order it today!

Content and images used with permission by author Deb Rankine and Elowyn Press. and