The Vegan Cook’s Bible – Book Review

While researching to launch this website, I chatted with many cookbook authors, publishers and culinary icons. This site stands on the shoulders of many people who have contributed to the Canadian food industry. During these chats, two people went beyond the call of duty to assist me with the both the positives and challenges of the culinary landscape in Canada. Pat Crocker was immensely helpful in guiding me through the cookbook world from an author’s perspective. Since I’ve used her Vegan cookbook for many years, I wanted to give a bow to Pat by highlighting one of her books. Although a little older, it still provides a ton of information and delicious recipes. The second person that guided me through the publishing world was Bob Dees of Robert Rose Publishing (Pat’s publisher!) who alerted me to the pitfalls but also the opportunities for this website.

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This cookbook spends a good deal of time on the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle, explaining the many whole foods and vegetables and of course, recipes. I
tried the Spring Vegetable Fried Rice – check out the recipe.

There are over 300,000 edible plant species on this earth (Lenore Newman, Lost Feast) – how many of them have made it to your table? If you’ve been hesitant to try different grains or vegetables, Pat makes the venture into the unknown easier. Her explanations of the ingredients as well as the simplicity of many of the recipes, helps newbies to the vegan diet embrace this lifestyle. In our house, we try to have at least one or two meatless meals a week and a cookbook like The Vegan Cook’s Bible offers many options that satisfy even the hungriest carnivore.

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Courtesy of The Vegan Cook’s Bible by Pat Crocker © 2009 Reprinted with permission. Available where books are sold.

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