The Easy Eating Diet Cookbook

It’s January and we all resolve to eat healthier – at least for the first while before falling off the diet wagon. Diets are a trillion dollar industry so to get you out of their consumerism grasp, Sean Barker brings you a healthier way to look at our food intake and ensure we start better habits rather than following someone else’s dieting protocol. This book is the recipe accompaniment to Sean’s first book, The Easy Eating Diet. Along with coaching people with their food, Sean has been an internationally known personal trainer and owned a fitness center in New Brunswick. Check out his extensive accolades at

Before delving into delicious recipes, Sean provides tips and tricks to ensure we eat the freshest foods and easy prep ideas to eliminate any excuses to fall off the wagon. Your healthy eating starts before you shop – plan your meals and stick to your grocery list; shopping, keeping to the outer perimeter of the store where all the freshest foods are located; to prepping as much of the food when home from the store and storing them ready to be used throughout the week. 

For people starting on their healthier eating journey, slowly introduce new foods while gradually eliminating the foods in the cupboard that aren’t as healthy options. Throwing everything out in a clean sweep will only perplex and frustrate your progress. Sometimes the ingredients in cookbooks like this also overwhelm us. Be confident to use up that jar of peanut butter before replacing it with a healthier option. You can substitute ingredients you have on hand without feeling guilty about not being puritan about the experience. Slowly introduce the unfamiliar ingredients and you’ll gradually become confident in using them more extensively.

The book is divided like traditional cookbooks with appetizers, sides, mains and desserts. There is an entire section on pizza, so we thought you’d like to see one in our Recipe section. The No-Carb Chicken Crust Pizza was the one we tried and enjoyed – even the carnivores around the table were satiated and no wiser that a healthier version of a favourite food was being enjoyed!

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Contents and images used with permission by Sean Barker.