Steeves Maples

Having landed in New Brunswick in the 1700’s and obtaining a land grant to settle the Steeves family, legend has it that the people already living here educated these newcomers to syrup from trees: 

Legend says: in the early days, the natives discovered maple syrup by accident. It has been told that one spring a brave native threw his ax into a maple tree located near their fire pit. While the women were cooking on an open fire, the heat from the fire started the sap dripping from the tree, down the axe handle and into their pots. This made their meal very sweet, so they collected this “sweet sap” in larger amounts and boiled it into a sweet thick syrup.  Similarly, our great-grandfather made maple syrup in large iron pots over an open fire, using wooden spills in small drill holes in the maple trees.”

With over 150 years and 6 generations of ownership, the Steeves family has a steep tradition in the Maple Syrup industry. Incorporated in 1991 as Canadian Syrup Inc., the Steeves family began exporting high-quality Maple Syrup products from their production facility located in Elgin, New Brunswick. Steeves Maples now offers more than 15 different products which are proudly available in over 30 countries around the world!  Check them out at 

If you’re looking for no additives, no preservatives or HFCS in your syrup, Steeves ensures you are getting the most pure form of their liquid gold.  Check out the spec sheets for each product to see the nutritional facts and ingredients like this one:

Steeves has developed a line of products including sugar-free syrup, organic or infused syrups, maple topping, ice cream and sprinkles.  Everything you need from the maple tree is right here at  

Download the Steeves Maple Syrup recipes at – we baked the muffins and they went over really well with the family.  Try the easy instructions in our Recipe section.  

To win some maple syrup from Steeves, go to our Giveaway page.  To purchase any of their products, go to Amazon or head to your local Dollarama store all across Canada.  Now that’s convenience!