Sexy AF Spirits Recipe Book

Want to treat yourself or guests to a delightful cocktail at home like a professional mixologist while enjoying alcohol-free cocktails? Take a look at this free recipe book from Sexy AF and you’ll be inspired to start mixing and pouring amazing

Utilizing their signature mixes, the book is broken into the following categories with some creative drinks:

 Amar-Oh (Hot Bodd Todd, Sexy Mule,),
 Apertease (Spumonii, Red Dress),
 Triple Sexy (Salty Puppy, Viirgiin Island Ice Tea),
 Viirgiin (Dr. Suessaiquiri, Clover Club),
 Friski Whiski (Just Chai M, Don’t Mango There),
 Spiced Yum (Yumgroni, Madam President).

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Along with Spirit AF founder and owner Jo-Anne Reynolds, and her creative staff, Matt Berry collaborated in researching, testing and making the recipes in this book a “sexy” thing. Between “mixing” music on Calgary’s X92.9 radio and mixing up his popular cocktail Instagram page at Matt has brought his expertise and inspiration to this recipe book. Partnerships like this make for a beautiful end product.

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All images and content used with permission by Sexy AF Spirits.