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This week we’re introducing you to the world of crickets…just in time for Halloween.  Ok, so maybe not the live, chirpy critters but the nutritious food products made from crickets.  A friend brought a jar of these crispy treats home from Thailand and once you get past the icky image in your head, they are quite tasty.

Knowing many people around the world consume crickets as part of their protein source and gut health, North Americans are slowly waking up to this healthy insect.  And one of the successful sources in Canada comes from Prairie Cricket Farms in Manitoba. 

“In 2013, the Food and Agriculture Organization, a division of the United Nations, endorsed eating insects, labelling them as a healthy, nutritious substitute for more traditional sources of animal protein such as beef, chicken and fish. In addition to being good for you, the report also detailed how, compared to cows and pigs, insects emit substantially less greenhouse gas. And that a 2.5-tablespoon serving of cricket powder contains the daily recommended serving of vitamin B12.”   Source: 

Ryan and Lesley Steppler began their business after Ryan’s hobby and fascination with crickets outgrew their basement.  It takes about 2000 crickets to produce a 200gm bag of powder so room was needed to grow. Now their enterprise has a large barn working at full capacity to keep up with the market’s demands.  

The local media was sent to try these crunchy critters – take a look: 

And how are crickets so healthy for us?  This chart helps explain the nutritional value of these insects:


Prairie Cricket Farms has developed three flavours of crunchy cricket snacks: salt & vinegar, dill, and smokey bbq.  Additionally, the crickets have been ground into a powder that can be used for many healthy recipes like the No Bake Cinnamon Apple Cricket Bites in our Recipe section.  Lilyanna and I had fun when we challenged the family to identify the “secret ingredient” – of course we stumped them.  After the initial yuck reaction, the health factors we pointed out on the back of the package, brought them back on board. 

To try other yummy cricket recipes, go to 

The Stepplers have added two taste testers to their business: Maverick and Savannah…aren’t they adorable?!?!  

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All images and content used with permission by Prairie Cricket Farms.