Plant Powered Families

In a society increasingly conscious of health, environmental impact, and compassionate living, embracing a plant-based lifestyle is becoming more mainstream. However, for families, the transition can often seem daunting. Enter Plant-Powered Families by Dreena Burton, a comprehensive guide aimed at simplifying and empowering families to adopt a plant-based diet seamlessly. With its wealth of recipes, practical tips, and nutritional insights, Burton’s book serves as a beacon for anyone seeking to nourish their loved ones with wholesome, plant-based meals.

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One of the compelling features of Plant-Powered Families is its emphasis on practicality. Burton understands the challenges families face in today’s fast-paced world, and her recipes are designed with busy schedules in mind. From quick breakfast options to satisfying dinners, each recipe is thoughtfully crafted to be both nutritious and time-efficient, making it easier for families to incorporate plant-based meals into their routines. We want you to try her Peanut Butter Pudding with Berrylicious Swirl in our Recipe section. My grandkids loved putting their own spin on both the fruit and added toppings for crunch. Lots of fun for your March break activities.

Burton’s approach is refreshingly inclusive. She acknowledges that every family is unique, with varying tastes and dietary needs. As such, Plant-Powered Families offers a diverse array of recipes, catering to different preferences and dietary restrictions. Whether you’re cooking for picky eaters, individuals with food allergies, or adventurous palates, you’ll find plenty of inspiration within these pages.

Beyond the recipes themselves, Burton provides invaluable guidance on navigating the nuances of a plant-based diet. She covers essential topics such as ensuring adequate nutrient intake, stocking a plant-based pantry, and managing meal planning effectively. Her practical tips and insights empower readers to make informed choices about their family’s nutrition, fostering confidence and success in their plant-based journey.

What sets Plant-Powered Families on a shelf of its own is Burton’s unwavering commitment to flavor and satisfaction. Too often, the misconception persists that plant-based eating is bland or unsatisfying. However, Burton dispels this myth with her vibrant and delicious recipes. From hearty one-pot meals to decadent desserts, each dish bursts with flavor, proving that plant-based cooking can be both nutritious and indulgent.

Additionally, Burton’s emphasis on whole, unprocessed ingredients aligns with current dietary recommendations for optimal health. By prioritizing whole grains, legumes, fruits, and vegetables, Plant-Powered Families offers a wealth of recipes that not only taste good but also support overall well-being. Burton also provides valuable insights into the environmental and ethical benefits of a plant-based lifestyle, inspiring readers to consider the broader impact of their food choices. Purchase a copy of this book at or go to our Giveaway section and win a start on your family’s nutritional journey.

Plant-Powered Families by Dreena Burton is a must-have resource for anyone looking to embrace a plant-based diet, especially within a family setting. With its practical approach, diverse recipes, and emphasis on flavor and nutrition, this book equips readers with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive on a plant-powered journey. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just beginning to explore plant-based eating, Plant-Powered Families offers something for everyone, making it an invaluable addition to any kitchen library.

Reprinted with permission from Plant-Powered Families by Dreena Burton (BenBella Books, Inc.)