One Loaf at a Time & One Bowl at a Time

Well-tested home-style recipes served by real families during the early days of the pandemic.

A pandemic hits our world and we all bunker down in our homes and for some, discover our kitchens for the first time.  Shortly after the first quarantine in March of 2020, I went to look for yeast to make homemade bread and discovered everyone else had the same idea…it would be six months before finding this and other cooking/baking products.  

Many people were hit with challenges throughout the pandemic but out of these difficult times, CJ Katz took the opportunity to combine recipes and stories showing how families and communities came together to connect, communicate and cook! 

The turnaround time on publishing these books is nothing short of amazing.  These projects normally take years to develop and producing two books within months speaks to CJ’s work ethic and dedication to provide us with recipes and stories through a pandemic lens. 

We feature one such story from One Loaf at a Time with Beverly’s Coffee Cake in our Recipe section.  But here’s more from Beverly:

I loved reading the stories of home cooks that contributed recipes to these books.  Some make you smile, some produce a few tears and most inspire you to do better and cook more.  Both books are dedicated to people we’ve lost throughout the pandemic and for those families, we send virtual ((hugs)).  

And if that’s not enough, look at these amazing awards the books and CJ has received in such a short time…congratulations CJ!

In One Bowl at a Time, CJ provides a wonderful Barley Mushroom Risotto that will make you feel warm and cozy.  A variation of the Italian classic, the mushrooms and barley will make this dish the ultimate comfort food. Make it yourself – look for it in our Recipe section.

And if you want to hear CJ live on Saskatoon CTV, she hosts Wheatland Café – check it out at 

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of these books will support Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation (JPCHF). President and CEO of JPCHF, Brynn Boback-Lane provides an introduction into CJ’s books with a heartfelt thanks for your support through the purchase of these books.  

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Images and content used with permission by author CJ Katz and JPCHF.