Mitchell’s Soup Company

I could live on soups (winter) and salads (summer).  And when a company like Mitchell’s Soup puts all the ingredients together so you don’t have to shop or think about how to make a hearty bowl of soup, it’s a no-brainer.  And when the fine people at Mitchell’s respond to the busy households’ request for speed, they include Instant Pot recipes!  “Our products bridge the gap between people in busy, demanding lives looking for not only good wholesome food but the experiences that make good food great.”

How did this concept of wrapping all the dry goods for soup into a conical sleeve begin?  Do you remember the hype and life shattering predictions that should have taken place when the calendar turned from 1999 to 2000?  People stocked up on all sorts of food and survival equipment…just in case.  One woman in Duncan BC made sure she had all the dried food necessary to sustain life for many months to come.  And when nothing much happened on January 1, 2000, she wondered what to do with this stockpile.  And voila, a cottage business was born that grew and grew.  

Today, Mitchell’s Soup runs out of two locations: the office in the original Duncan location and all production is in Aylmer Ontario.  And at the heart of both west and east locations, is family.  The families at the helm of the business ensures that all ingredients are Canadian sourced and locally grown.  As we have learned over the past few years through this pandemic it’s that supporting our local businesses is important to keep Canada strong.

Mitchell’s Soup has a large production kitchen where they explore the most nutritious and diverse bundles of goodness to be delivered to you, the consumer.  They ensure great nutritional information is provided so you can make healthy and smart food choices, like this:

We tried the Gumbo recipe and it was a great hit.  Check out Michell’s Instant Pot version in our Recipe section.  They offer so many varieties and selections, there’s something for everyone.  Look at to see the many options you’ll want to explore.  

Keep a few of these sleeves of goodness tucked away for those gift-giving moments when shopping doesn’t fit into your schedule.  And to win a bundle of six soup selections, go to our Giveaway page.

Content and images used with permission by Mitchell’s Soup Company.