Halloween Muffin-Tin Snack Tray

from More, Please!

Halloween night can be bustling with energy and excitement, and sometimes, a simple, no-fuss platter dinner is what’s called for. Make it fun, balanced, filling, and not too complicated. Here, I prepared easy chicken nuggets, crackers and cheese, guacamole, and a variety of fruit and vegetables. Add some fun by adding candied or blueberry eyeballs.

On This Platter

Crackers and cheddar cheese, cut into pumpkin shapes 

Chicken nuggets with ketchup 

Guacamole with ghost-shaped chips 

Carrot ghosts and celery with peanut butter (add googly eyes) 

Blueberry eyeballs with white chocolate chips 

Pomegranate skeleton head with blueberry white chocolate chip eyeballs.


1. Use a fun muffin-tin tray or a skeleton-shaped tray like this one as the serving platter. 

2. Cut out pumpkin shapes on cheddar cheese slices with a pumpkin-shaped cutter. Pair with crackers. 

3. Add a protein. Here we have chicken nuggets with ketchup. 

4. Add guacamole and chips. Put some pomegranate seeds on top of the guacamole for extra colour. 

5. Use a small metal straw to poke out holes on the crinkle-cut carrot slices to make them into ghosts. 

6. Put peanut butter on celery and add a candied eyeball. 

7. Stick white chocolate chips or yogurt chips into blueberries to make eyeballs. 

8. Add eyeballs on top of a scoop of pomegranate seeds for the Halloween theme. 

Nada’s Tips & Tricks: With all the rushing around and getting ready for the big night, the muffin-tray idea is brilliant. You can customize it to your child’s preferences, ensuring they’ll gobble it up before heading out the door. You can morph it into birthday party presentations or pool-side munchies. In the summer, I would take something like this out to my kids’ treehouse and let them munch throughout lunch and the afternoon. They loved it!

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