We have heard how important it is to eat and shop local during the pandemic…and our farmers are happy with that shift in food consciousness. The company that is elevating this idea is G’day…connecting people with local farm producers in your backyard.  If you’ve ever stopped by a roadside farm stall selling the family’s yield, you’ll hear stories behind the food you eat.  That’s what G’day does as well…tell the story of each farmer they represent. https://shopgday.ca/connecting-canadians-with-farms/ 

Credit: White Owl Farm, Saskatchewan

Much like the yellow pages of yesteryear, G’day has a search engine that allows you to choose the product you’re looking for and find the farm closest to your location. G’day started in the summer of 2021 in Ontario and has now grown to represent most of the provinces in Canada…they are growing exponentially. And if you know a farmer that wants to sell direct to the consumer, show them this site!    https://shopgday.ca/ 

Credit: Seriously Green Farms, Ontario

Want to go on day trips to local farms?  Allow the website to know your location, and up will pop the farms around you to visit. I found 6 locations near me that I’d like to explore.  When my kids were small, we would split half a cow with my sister-in-law, and the local butcher would deliver it right to the freezer.  Now my daughter is doing the same and purchasing a freezer full of local products.  Start exploring your local farmers – you’ll find a big difference in the quality and taste of everything you purchase.

Credit: JB Bar Ranch, Alberta

The gentlemen behind the brand, Sean and Scott, live what they market…eating local and healthy foods.  Sean provides us with a Pork Chop Parm from the Farm in our Recipe section – the pork chop makes a great substitute for the traditional chicken in his recipe.

When looking for the freshest of produce and local meat, cheese and drinks, you’ll need a guide to steer you to the farms and producers that welcome the public with open arms. G’day is providing one lucky winner a $50 voucher to any farm featured on their website. Go to our Giveaway page and keep your fingers crossed for the adventure to begin!

Credit: Boreal Winery, Northern Ontario

Thanks to websites like G’day, you have a starting point to learn about the farmers around you.  Then follow them on social media and you’ll get updates as new farmers jump on their bandwagon, or hay wagon in this case!  https://www.instagram.com/shopgday/ 

Content and images used with permission by G’Day.https://shopgday.ca/