Food from Mama’s Table

Ruth “Reno” Anderson grew up in Saskatchewan surrounded by family, food and faith.  This little nugget of recipes has inspirational quotes scattered throughout to encourage and inspire.  

Food from Mama’s Table pays homage to Reno’s mom, Anna, who also grew up in Saskatchewan, albeit in the dirty thirties when life was a little more difficult and food was scarce.  You know times are tough when a slice of bologna becomes the treat around the dinner table.  

But Anna developed a love of cooking, knowing how to make delicious meals with few ingredients…nothing fancy but hearty and delicious.  Reno says it best:

“Living for most of her married life in the same house that we moved into when I was five, Anna loved her small kitchen.  If I have a consistent picture in my mind of my mother, it would be that kitchen corner, and my mother with her back to me, cooking something.  Changing over the years from turquoise to white, to yellow to beige, to gray and white, that kitchen always had the same small countertop that most cooks today would not tolerate.  Yes, this little corner is where the magic happened for over 50 years.”

The recipes are sectioned into categories with an introduction from Reno explaining how the food in that section was integral to the Mennonite community.  I find it fascinating that many of the German-inspired foods are also prevalent in many other European cuisines.  I grew up on borscht and it was nice to see three variations of a childhood favourite.  From soups and casseroles to breads and sweets, these recipes are easy to make and will be added to your list of go-to comfort dishes.  

Reno talks about her upbringing in the Mennonite community.  I visited a closed Mennonite community in northern Alberta and was so impressed with the magnitude and functionality of the community kitchen…the best of kitchen technology meets with tried-and-true dishes that feeds hundreds for every meal.  Reno puts a personal spin on this experience.

Although this book reflects her mom’s cooking, Reno now incorporates food from around the world as her travels have included culinary adventures and now influences what she puts on the table.  I’m so glad we have books like Food from Mama’s Table to remind us of good, basic recipes that fill the stomach and spirit.

We made the Deep Dish Cheddar Chicken – the family loved it and you will too – try it yourself in our Recipe section!

To win a copy of this delightful cookbook, go to Giveaways.  And to purchase a copy, head over to Reno’s website where you’ll see her many other works.

Content used with permission by author, Ruth “Reno” Anderson.