Cooking Tips for Desperate Fishwives

Cooking tips are plentiful and as the desperate housewife of an urchin seaman, Margot Fedoruk shares her soul in this book, Cooking Tips for Desperate Fishwives. The author’s passion for food is beautifully bookended in the first and last chapters of her story. Margot’s profound appreciation for good food, her family’s culinary traditions, and the cultural significance of meals shared around the table are all shaped by the influence of her two beloved “baba’s.” As someone with a Russian/Polish family background, I found a deep connection for her fondness of dishes like blintzes, kholodets, pelmeni, and borscht.

In the realm of captivating tales and enticing narratives, few names shine as brightly as Margot Fedoruk. An accomplished author, freelance writer, and a connoisseur of memoirs, Margot’s life story reads like a beautifully penned chapter from one of her own books. But that’s not all – tucked away in the corners of her creative mind, she also crafts exquisite soaps, a testament to her diverse talents. This is the biography of Margot Fedoruk, a wordsmith and artisan who has left her indelible mark on Gabriola Island and beyond.

Cooking Tips for Desperate Fishwives: An Island Memoir eBook : Fedoruk,  Margot: Kindle Store

In the chapters that unfold between these delectable descriptions, the narrative delves into the often-overlooked role of the partner left behind while their significant other embarks on extended journeys at sea to earn a living. The pages are filled with poignant accounts of loneliness and seclusion, painting a vivid picture of life on Gabriola Island and elsewhere. Throughout these chapters, we follow Margot’s courageous efforts to navigate the challenges of parenting, managing finances, and preserving her sanity amid the ebb and flow of life’s trials.

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At the end of most chapters, Margot provides a recipe that will bring you into her world of home cooking like Rick’s Caesar Salad or Stinging-Nettle Pesto. There’s even a recipe for making your own soap and play dough. We thought you’d like to try her Sea Urchin Fettucine with BC Spot Prawns in our Recipe section, paying homage to her husband Rick’s passion – diving for urchin. 

How To Dive For Sea Urchins, And Tips For Eating Them

Cooking Tips of Desperate Fishwives is a delightful journey through the worlds of food, family, and resilience. Margot Fedoruk has masterfully blended her passion for cooking with the poignant experiences of those left behind by their seafaring loved ones. The result is a heartwarming, relatable, and inspiring read that will leave you with not only a list of mouthwatering recipes to try but also a deeper appreciation for the cultural significance of meals shared around the table. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a novice in the kitchen, this book is a must-read for anyone who loves food, family, and a good story.

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Contents and images used with permission by author Margot Fedoruk and Heritage House.