Chandler Honey

Looking for honey with a little extra twist to it? Chandler Honey has you covered. The creamy honey is infused with different flavours like Orange Grove, Crème Brulee, Mocha or Lemon and Ginger. You’ll want to see what other flavours they have to offer at

Tique Chandler knows her bees. From her childhood years she’s been living with bees on her parent’s farm in Scandia, Alberta. She immersed herself into the art and science of ensuring their bees produce the most pure and delectable honey on the market. There’s history behind these bees that have been cultivated since 1937 producing pure raw honey. Tique then started playing with the honey, infusing them with natural and delicious flavours.

Tique provided me with two flavours to use in different applications. The Orange Grove honey is a wonderful addition to tea, waffles and pancakes, smoothies, hot cereal and more. I did a variation of the popular Orange Chicken dish and it was amazingly tasteful without being overly sweet.

We also tried Tique’s recipe for Orange and Coconut Energy Balls – make these delightful morsels of goodness yourself in our Recipe section. Get the kids involved in this snack making…they’ll love the ooey gooey part and there’s no baking, so a safe time in the kitchen for everyone! My granddaughter helped me with this one and she wanted to show off her pic skills:

Tique also provided their Crème Brûlée Honey. I added it to my coffee, stirred it into some whipping cream for a dessert, and put it on top of mixed berries and granola for my breakfast. You’ll want to make Tique’s recipe for Créme Brûlée’d Butternut Squash – try it, you’ll love it…go to our Recipe section and treat yourself tonight! Double the recipe and make a delectable squash soup the following day – it’ll warm you up!

Want to learn more about beekeeping and honey production? Tique offers blogs to educate us on these subjects and more like identifying fake honey, raw benefits of honey, and matching a honey flavour to your personality (mine was Orange Grove!).

You’re going to want to try some Chandler Honey! Check out what they have to offer at or look in our Giveaway section to enter and, fingers crossed, win the Core Collection Small Jar Bundle which includes Lemon & Ginger, Orange Grove, Wild Prairie, Mocha and Crème Brûlée flavours, worth $50.

Contents and images used with permission by Chandler Honey.