Vegetables: A Love Story

Where culinary literature often celebrates the indulgent and decadent, Renée Kohlman’s Vegetables: A Love Story in Recipes emerges as a refreshing ode to the beauty and bounty of the plant kingdom. As a passionate food enthusiast and an advocate for wholesome eating, I couldn’t resist delving into this cookbook that promised to make vegetables the stars of the show. True to its name, Vegetables weaves together a heartfelt narrative, delectable recipes, and stunning visuals to create an enchanting culinary journey. 

Renée Kohlman’s writing in Vegetables feels like an intimate conversation with a close friend who passionately shares her love for vegetables. The book opens with a captivating introduction that lays the foundation for the love affair with vegetables. Kohlman’s personal anecdotes, family stories, and experiences bring a relatable and authentic touch, making the reader feel right at home.

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At the heart of the book lies a treasure trove of imaginative and diverse vegetable-centric recipes. Kohlman’s creativity shines through as she transforms humble vegetables into culinary masterpieces. From the first page to the last, each recipe is a testament to her dedication to celebrating vegetables in all their glory. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a novice cook, the recipes are thoughtfully crafted and easy to follow, ensuring a successful cooking experience every time.

Standout Dishes:

Mushroom Risotto Cakes blends two comforting ingredients to give us a hearty and healthy focus to any lunch menu. Paired with a crisp and bright salad and a lovely white wine will give your lunchy, brunchy guests a full meal.

I love hearty filling soups on a cold winter day. With the leftovers you’ll have after the holidays, try the Cream of Celery and Mashed Potato Soup – comforting and divine!

For the upcoming holiday season, and on any chilly day needing a heartwarming dish, try Renée’s Roasted Acorn Squash with Maple Goat Cheese and Pecans in our Recipe section. It will quickly become a favourite around your dinner table!

Vegetables is a feast for the eyes as well as the palate. The book is adorned with stunning food photography that captures the essence of each dish, showcasing the vibrant colors and textures of the vegetables. The visuals not only inspire culinary creativity but also serve as a visual guide, helping readers envision the final dish.

Beyond its delectable recipes, Vegetables: A Love Story also promotes a thoughtful and mindful approach to eating. Kohlman emphasizes the importance of sourcing fresh, local produce and provides tips on meal planning and incorporating more vegetables into daily meals. Her insights encourage readers to forge a deeper connection with their food and make mindful choices that benefit both health and the environment. You’ll want to add this great resource to your culinary library by purchasing it at or go to our Giveaway section and win this mouthwatering cookbook!

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Renée Kohlman’s Vegetables: A Love Story is a delightful celebration of vegetables that goes beyond the confines of a traditional cookbook. It’s a journey of love, discovery, and creativity, offering readers a chance to explore the diverse world of vegetables through a culinary lens. Whether you’re a vegetable enthusiast or someone looking to expand your culinary horizons, this book is a heartwarming and mouthwatering addition to your kitchen repertoire. Vegetables reminds us that there’s a world of flavor and excitement waiting to be discovered within the realm of vegetables, and it does so with a genuine, heartfelt passion that’s truly infectious.

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