Kids Cook!

It’s March Break and time to get cooking with your wee ones. The pride kids have when serving their plates of delectable delights for the family can be seen on their little faces. The lessons they’ll learn while whipping up dishes like math, science and art, will be carried into their adult years. To get you inspired, we bring you the iconic Company’s Coming: Kids Cook! A three-in-one cookbook collection comprised of Bag Lunches, After-School Snacks, and Weekend Treats.

The recipes in this book are simple with few ingredients to inspire confidence in the kitchen and build a child’s repertoire in the dishes they make. My grandkids spent a lot of time working through this cookbook to come up with delightful offerings for the family. It doesn’t take much to put a smile on their faces! To help them get started, the book provides a glossary of terms, equipment and utensils needed in the kitchen, and safety tips. The cookbook contains both healthy and decadent recipes to balance a child’s palate and interests.

We tried Tuna Buns (Bag Lunches), Pizza Sticks (After-School Snacks), and Little Meat Muffins (Weekend Treats). Give Crispy Chicken Cracky with Honey Mustard Dunk a taste in our Recipe section. Easy peasy!

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