How to Cake It

In kitchens around the world where baking has evolved into an art form, Yolanda Gampp, the charismatic host of the popular YouTube channel How To Cake It, has taken the baking community by storm. With her enchanting blend of creativity, skill, and unwavering passion for all things cake, Gampp has managed to captivate millions of viewers and aspiring bakers worldwide. In her book How To Cake It: A Cakebook, she brings her signature style to the written page, offering a treasure trove of techniques, tips, and tantalizing cake creations that will inspire both beginners and seasoned bakers to embrace their inner artist and create edible masterpieces.

From the very first page, it’s evident that How To Cake It is more than just a cookbook. It’s an immersive journey into the world of cake artistry, meticulously crafted to guide readers through a step-by-step process of creating jaw-dropping cakes that defy the boundaries of imagination. The book is beautifully designed, featuring vibrant photographs that showcase Gampp’s cakes in all their glory, alongside clear instructions that demystify even the most complex techniques.

One of the book’s highlights is the way Gampp blends her warm personality with detailed explanations. Her writing style is approachable and inviting, making readers feel like they’re receiving guidance from a close friend who genuinely wants them to succeed. She delves into essential techniques, such as cake carving, fondant application, and creating intricate designs, ensuring that every reader, regardless of their skill level, feels empowered to tackle ambitious projects.

Gampp’s expertise extends beyond cake recipes; she also offers insights into essential tools, decorating materials, and even troubleshooting common issues that arise during the cake-making process. This comprehensive approach ensures that How To Cake It isn’t just a one-time read, but a valuable reference guide that bakers can turn to time and again. What truly sets How To Cake It on a shelf of its own, is its emphasis on fostering creativity. Gampp encourages readers to experiment, personalize, and adapt her designs, helping them develop the confidence to venture beyond the confines of the book and embark on their own cake-crafting adventures.

The heart of the book lies in its exquisite cake designs, each more impressive than the last. Gampp’s innovation knows no bounds, as she guides readers through the creation of cakes that resemble everything from giant watermelons and chicken & waffles to adorable animals and lifelike objects. Each project is broken down into manageable steps, with accompanying visuals that make it feel like Gampp is right there in the kitchen with you, guiding your every move. Give the Tacos Cake a try in our Recipe section and you’ll be amazed at the results!

How To Cake It by Yolanda Gampp has translated her infectious enthusiasm and cake-crafting brilliance into a delightful book that is as educational as it is entertaining. Whether you’re a baking novice seeking a joyful entry point into the world of cake artistry or a seasoned pro looking for fresh inspiration, this book has something to offer. Gampp’s ability to convey her passion and expertise through the written word is a testament to her role as a leading figure in the baking world. Purchase a copy of this delectable work of art at or enter to win this beautiful masterpiece in our Giveaway section.

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