For the Love of Cocktails

Cocktail enthusiasts and aspiring mixologists, rejoice! Evelyn Chick’s book, For the Love of Cocktails: The Everyday Guide to Delightful Drinks for Anyone, Anytime, has arrived to add a splash of creativity and sophistication to your home bar. With her impressive background in the world of cocktails and mixology, Chick offers a refreshing take on crafting cocktails that are both accessible and exquisite.

Evelyn Chick is no stranger to the world of mixology. Her extensive experience as a bartender, cocktail consultant, and educator shines through in For the Love of Cocktails. The book takes readers on a journey through the art of mixology, beginning with the basics and progressing to more advanced techniques and recipes.

Chick’s book is a treasure trove of cocktail recipes that span the spectrum from classic to contemporary. From timeless classics like the Old Fashioned and Martini to innovative creations that push the boundaries of mixology, there’s a cocktail for every taste preference. Each recipe is meticulously detailed, ensuring that even beginners can successfully replicate the drinks.

We’ll be celebrating Earth Day soon and Chick provides the perfect drink to enjoy the green earth we all need to treasure. Try her Green Awakening in our Recipe section – it’ll make you fall in love with Mother Earth all over again.

For the Love of Cocktails doesn’t just provide recipes; it educates readers about the ingredients that go into making exceptional cocktails. Chick shares her wisdom on choosing the right spirits, mixers, and garnishes, helping readers make informed decisions and experiment with their own concoctions.

The book is adorned with stunning photography that brings the cocktails to life. Each image captures the essence of the drink and is sure to inspire readers to try their hand at mixing and garnishing.

Chick’s book goes beyond just recipes. She also delves into the culture and history of cocktails, sharing anecdotes and insights that give readers a deeper appreciation for the craft. To purchase this extensive guide to keep on your bartending cart, go to or head to our Giveaway section to win a copy!

For the Love of Cocktails: The Everyday Guide to Delightful Drinks for Anyone, Anytime by Evelyn Chick is a must-have addition to any cocktail enthusiast’s library. Chick’s expertise shines through in her ability to make mixology accessible to all while offering a diverse range of tantalizing cocktail recipes. Whether you’re looking to master the classics or embark on a journey of mixological innovation, this book is your ideal companion. With its stunning visuals and insightful commentary, it’s more than just a recipe book—it’s an immersive exploration of the art and science of cocktails. So, raise your glass to Evelyn Chick and her exceptional contribution to the world of mixology. Cheers!

Contents and images used with permission by Figure 1 Publishing. Photography by Jessica Blaine Smith.