Almost a Full Moon

Hawksley Workman, the renowned Canadian singer-songwriter, is known for his captivating music and poetic lyrics. However, in Almost a Full Moon, Workman takes a step away from the recording studio to enchant us with a different medium—words on paper. This delightful book is a charming blend of storytelling and imagery that Workman brings to this literary work. 

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Based on the lyrics of Hawksley Workman’s song from his holiday album, Almost a Full Moon is set in a small, cozy cabin in the Canadian wilderness, which serves as the backdrop for the vivid and immersive story, making readers feel like they are right there in the cabin, surrounded by the warmth of the wood-burning stove and the enchantment of the forest outside. 

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The story revolves around the soup that will warm everyone on a cold crisp night. Through this seemingly simple activity, Workman explores themes of love, family, and the passage of time. His prose is both humorous and touching, creating a heartfelt connection with the reader. We want you to enjoy the soup the characters love so much. With leftover turkey meat and using the carcass from the bird, you can make your very own soup in our Recipe section. Pull up a chair and enjoy your heartwarming meal!

The book features beautiful illustrations by Jensine Eckwall that complement Workman’s prose wonderfully. The whimsical drawings add an extra layer of charm to the book, enhancing the overall reading experience. 

Hawksley Workman’s Almost a Full Moon is a delightful journey filled with an enchanting story, vivid imagery, and a profound love for the natural world. Whether you’re a fan of Workman’s music or a newcomer to his artistry, this book offers a unique and captivating reading experience. It’s a reminder that, even in our fast-paced lives, there is magic to be found in the simple moments. So, grab a copy at cozy up by the fire, and let Workman’s words transport you to a world where the moon is almost full, and the magic of storytelling is alive and well. You can also win a copy in our Giveaway section. 

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