Renny DeGroot

In the vast realm of literature, certain authors shine like hidden gems, awaiting discovery by avid readers seeking unique voices and compelling narratives. One such hidden gem is the talented author Renny DeGroot, whose works resonate with a distinct blend of historical richness and vivid storytelling.

Renny DeGroot is renowned for her ability to transport readers to different eras and locales, immersing them in worlds filled with captivating characters and historical intricacies. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for research, DeGroot’s novels are a testament to her commitment to authenticity. Each page unfolds like a carefully crafted tapestry, weaving together threads of noteworthy facts and imaginative storytelling. Check out titles like Family Business, After Paris and Torn Asunder at 

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DeGroot’s exciting detective series takes place on Cape Breton Island. Already three books into the series, we quickly become attached to the characters and landscape of Nova Scotia while storylines of intrigue keep us immersed in each book. In the third book, Heritage House, the unfortunate victim of homicide is a German immigrant settling in Isle Madame. With that heritage in mind, the author provides us with a delectable Apfelkuchen found in the Recipe section. Renny shares the backdrop for this delightful dessert: “My character in Heritage House – Mia White – prepared two versions of this for Gretha’s funeral wake. Here’s that scene:

He walked over to the side wall where long tables were covered in white paper tablecloths. Mia White was busy slicing up a cake which a small handwritten sign proclaimed to be Apfel Kuchen (Appel Cake). “That looks delicious.” Mia looked up and smiled. “I hope so. It was a favourite of Gretha’s.” Her eyes misted. “Only three weeks ago we spent an afternoon together and made one for her and one for me. We talked so much, we didn’t even notice the work of apple peeling and mixing. The cakes seemed to make themselves.” She pointed to the cake she had just sliced and one right beside it. “You see? She had her style and I have mine. She puts streusel on top of hers and makes it in a square pan, so this one I made to her recipe.” She waved the knife at the other one. “I braid mine in a circle and dust it with icing sugar. Sometimes I also put whipped cream on top.”

Beyond her mastery of historical and detective fiction, DeGroot showcases versatility in her writing. Whether exploring the complexities of human relationships, delving into the intricacies of a bygone era, crafting tales of resilience and triumph, or a captivating whodunit, she exhibits a literary prowess that captures the hearts of readers across genres.  Watch for Renny’s new series taking place in Port Hope, Ontario – it’s fun seeing places in our own backyard! Lakeside Beauty is a whodunit from a realtor’s perspective…more adventure awaits you! Renny deGroot: books, biography, latest update

In addition to her compelling narratives, DeGroot engages with her audience through a deep connection to her characters. Readers often find themselves invested in the lives of her protagonists, experiencing their joys and sorrows as if they were part of the story. This empathetic storytelling is a hallmark of DeGroot’s work, creating an immersive reading experience that lingers long after the final page. Go to our Giveaway section to win the three titles of her Cape Breton series: Garden Girl, Sea Child and Heritage House. We’ll even throw in her new book, Lakeside Beauty to the prize bundle! To purchase any of Renny’s books, check out 

As literary enthusiasts continue to seek fresh and compelling voices, Renny DeGroot stands out as a beacon in the world of historical and detective fiction. Her ability to transport readers through time and place, coupled with a narrative finesse that tugs at the heartstrings, solidifies her standing among the noteworthy authors of our time. For those who appreciate a captivating blend of history and mystery, Renny DeGroot is undoubtedly an author worth exploring.

Contents and images used with permission by Renny DeGroot.