Hot Cross Buns for Everyone

It’s Easter time and what better way to celebrate but with divinely scrumptious hot cross buns. This beautiful book celebrates variations of the recipe from different parts of the world. Yolanda T. Marshall once again brings her message of diversity and inclusion to the page while Daria Lavrova brings those words to whimsical illustrations. We met Yolanda in her other books at and

The publisher for this lovely book, provides colouring pages that your kids can enjoy while listening to you read this fun tale:

In “Hot Cross Buns For Everyone” Jackson’s friends and families bake assorted hot cross buns for his Easter party. Liam’s foster parents use his most memorable Scottish ingredient, and Dimitri’s dad adds Greek mahlepi spice. Some have rainbow colours for all to see and a sweet Jamaican bun and cheese recipe! One by one, the children arrive with hot cross buns for everyone.

The book provides a recipe for Spicy Hot Cross Buns – make them in our Recipe section. Your kitchen will smell divine and the family will be hovering around the bun basket waiting for their piece! Serve slathered with butter and a slice of cheese…your Easter morning will be off to a warm hugging start!

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Contents used with permission by Yolanda T. Marshall.