The foodie buzzword for the past decade is “fusion”. So why not Japan inspired food brand in North America.? That’s what Abokichi did – which means “fortunate avocado” – bringing you products that are unique, flavourful and made with the best ingredients.

Who are the faces behind the product? Jess was inspired by the Japanese food she loved while living there…and teamed up with her business and life partner, Fumi to produce a healthy, natural and minimally processed product line that’s perfect for our busy worlds. Bobby joined the duo to make this company a growing success.

Their first product was Okazu – a Japanese inspired sesame oil, miso paste and spice based condiment. If you like heat in your dishes, this jar of spice will be perfect. Traditionally eaten with rice, onigiri (rice balls), maki roll, it can also add that little bit of zip to bread, pasta and potatoes. I’ve also added it to some of my protein marinades – chicken, ribs, burgers. So versatile and it comes in three flavours: Chili Miso, Curry Miso and Spicy Chili. This jar of goodness has not only had a lot of media attention including Dragon’s Den, but its also won awards beating out 1800 competitors in the condiment category! https://abokichi.ca/pages/media

Piggybacking on the success of the Okazu, the team developed an instant miso soup that is not only chock full of natural ingredients and perfect for celiacs and vegans, but you can whip it up in a flash for a quick lunch. With three flavours to choose from, Original, Chili or Black Pepper, stock up and know a healthy tasty product is within arm’s reach. https://abokichi.ca/pages/how-to-make-abokichi-miso-soup Add a little ramen into the mix and you have a full meal:

The Jewish communities across our country are celebrating Hannukah so we thought it would be fun to give you a taste of one of their traditional dishes in our Recipe section of Easy Latkes (Potato Pancakes). I’ve had variations of this comforting food throughout my life and adding the Okazu Chili along with the sour cream was a welcome balance to the heavier dish. Check out other ways to use Okazu at https://abokichi.ca/pages/how-to-use-okazu

Go to our Giveaway section and win this tasting trio of Okazu flavours: Spicy Chili Miso, Chili Miso and Curry Miso or purchase some to tuck into someone’s stocking (makes a great hostess gift) at https://abokichi.ca/collections/featured-products/products/okazu-tasting-set 

Contents and images used with permission by Abokichi. https://abokichi.ca/